Saturday, December 13, 2008

Public Announcement...

Ordinarily, I don't beg people to read my stuff....okay, I lie! I am a limelight lover
and I have no PLEASE read my blog and just click on the "Follow
This Blog" option over there on the right of your screen.

It would SOOOO help me in the "Emotional Health Department" to know that
what I have to say is important to SOMEONE in the world. My kids certainly don't listen to me....husband, not so much. So I'm asking friends and relatives and hell, even complete strangers to help me develop a better sense of self-worth and just read my blog.
Okay, I'm pathetic. But truthfully it would give me a better feel for who would buy
my book when it finally is published. THANKS!


Monika said...

Okay, as one of the three blog followers so far, I INSIST that you write something new. Okay, I guess I'm not in a position to INSIST on anything. But seriously, where is the morning entertainment when I need it? I guess this means I need to go play with my kids.

Retainer Brainer

nikkimohamed said...

Oh, go brush your plastic teeth!
I'm having a bad day.
love, me