Saturday, February 28, 2009

All Hail the Blind Ding-bats, Part II

Remember a few months back, when I shared how both Ismail and
Hamo had to be fitted for glasses? Ismail chose lovely small rectangular
pale blue frames and Hamo got some nice black sort of roundish-but-
kind-of-catlike spectacles. Hamo sort of looks like Harry Potter only
much more handsome (no, really! I'd mean that even if I wasn't his
mother.) Well, our inability to see is apparently an ongoing saga.

Hamo has a bad habit of removing his glasses and leaving them all
over the house. Granted he is MUCH better about wearing them most
of the time, unlike Ismail who just hates his glasses. Hamo takes them
off to wash his face and leaves them in the bathroom. Or he'll take them
off to keep them from breaking when he wrestles around with Aiman and
forget them on the study table in the boys' bedroom. Well, I don't know
where he forgot them today, but Miss Randa MUST have found them.
She decided that he should have sunglasses. So she went and dug around
in my cupboard where I hide things from her (obviously the hiding place
will change soon) and colored the lenses in with a PERMANENT BLACK
MARKER!!!! Thank God Ismail found them just after it happened and
brought them to me. I dumped vinegar on both sides of the glass and
rubbed like crazy with a damp t-shirt. YAY. Got it off before it stained seems to be a little darker now.
SHEW. That was close.

Thus ends another typical rainy day in the House on Looney Bird Lane.


Monika said...

You need to threaten to buy him a dork dangler chain. Keep track of your glasses or look like a 65 year old librarian. Obviously they are not THAT blind. If I take mine off to wash my face, I have to find them by Braille.

NoraNance said...

use bubbing alchol it cleans it all off I use to use it at stores to change prices when I worked at them.

nikkimohamed said...

Thanks, AuntNora....good thing to know. And Beep, ref the dork dangler, they BOTH already have them due to the roughhousing issue at school. (ALL the boys wear them and they're black nylon rope.)

Thanks for letting me brow beat you both into making me feel good again. hahahahah

Monika said...

So I got your text that you were back at the eye doctor/glasses store AGAIN. Glad that my kids seem to have inherited their daddy's good eyes. So far. Although Liam's little friend Katie has glasses so he thinks they are cool and keeps asking for them.

nikkimohamed said...

Well, Hamo's only needed cleaning so we took care of that at home. Ismail broke the arm off of his in a place that I couldn't do anything with it except buy some new arms. Cost me 20 pounds....thank God for the 5 pound discount because we bought the glasses there initially. DAMN kids are expensive.

Anonymous said...

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