Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fuscia Hair, Sinus Infections and Final Exams

My hair is still fuscia...but it's growing out a little at the roots. I'm going to dye it
again probably next week. Fuscia...I'm starting to actually like it. And why the
hell not? Men have their mid-life crises at 40 and no one really questions it. I'm
entitled to mine. And since I am married I can't exactly run right out and find some
19 yr old idiot to hang off my arm ("Shut up, Darling. I'm not with you for your intel-
ligent conversation!") and it's more of a male trait to run out and buy a sports car,
I'll just settle for dyeing my hair some spectacularly bizarre color. So there!

Sinus infection.......actually, PRE-sinus infection.......both suck. But luckily I got to
the doctor before the full-blown infection and got wonderful drugs and now I'm
able to breathe and blink with the lights on in the room without blinding pain. Yay.
The week is beginning to improve. Well, it would were it not for final exams coming
up in the next 2 weeks. DAMN the teachers here in Egypt. I have to complete teach-
ing Samiya the last two entire UNITS in her math book. Do not even ask me why they
didn't finish the book before giving the kids the last month "off for final exams study"???
Who the hell sends an elementary student home to "study on his own?" Hello? Smoke
crack much? They don't study during the school year when you assign homework and
smack their hands for not writing it. WHY would they do it on their own? Whatever.
So, I have to force all 4 of them to study and that includes Hamo's French lessons.
I speak FIVE languages...and of course, FRENCH isn't one of them. Fortunately for me,
I'm good at faking it, speak Spanish and have a savant-like ability to memorize word
origins. So, my non-Frog-studying boy is in luck and I won't allow him to fail.
Ismail may be s.o.l. as to Egyptian social studies, though. There's just too much in there
I know nothing about. *sigh* God be with them all this year on their tests.

And just as long as I'm on a rambling tangent here, I must say that even with all of the above
crap going on this week, it's been fine. We only broke 3 dishes this week, lost one plant due
to overwatering by helpful children, got the damn sink in the kitchen fixed and stopped all
knock-down-drag out fights before any serious injuries could be caused...with the exception of
a nasty scratch on Samiya's chin. And I'm going to make fish for dinner tomorrow.
Yeah, okay, this is boring. No more blogs after 4am.

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