Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our Trip to the Beach 2008

Our family took a trip to the beach last week. We were in an area called Fuka (pronounced Foo-ka, you potty-mouths!) which is located on the Northern shores of
Egypt on the Meditteranean Sea about 185 miles west of Alexandria and about 5 hours east of the Libyan border. It's basically in the desert but on the beach.

The kids LOVED playing in the water and got to catch WHITE lizards and one big
green chameleon (it changed to brown and then to green again.) They also played with their cousin's turtle and caught dragonflies and a hermit crab and I caught a
praying mantis. It was definitely an earth-science kind of week.

The kids' Uncle Fawzy caught a ton of fish (okay not an actual ton but about 25 beautiful big fish, 6 rays and 4 little very bony fish called Denise.) We ate very well
that week and played hard. Only got some minor sunburns this time thanks to SPF 65
sunscreen and Mommy's vehemence about not allowing ANY of her kids to go down
to the water until after 4pm. We got home late Saturday night and have been recuperating ever since. Home sweet home.
And pardon my "newbie-ness" I'll get the swing of this blogspot thing soon enough
and perhaps be able to upload more than one photo at a time.....
More later.


nurselyra said...

Your photos were fantastic. I believe your kids have retained some Nance features, ie freckles and that face shape. I know one of your boys sure do look like little Tommy when he was a kid. Take care sweetie and best wishes to you and your family. Love Lyra Your blog is great, wish I could be so literate in computer techno stuff.

lucypeggy said...

My grandchildren are beautiful!!! What a perfect mix of all the Nance/Nicholas/Mohamed-Fawzy's. No mistaking whose kids these are.

I ache to see you all and give you hugs and kisses (yes, you too, Hamo, Ismail, and Aiman...even if you are big boys now!! Granny's do get some exceptional privledges that others don't...says Ganny/Sitto)!!

So, when do we see a family photo with Mom and Dad in the picture (I guess it would be nice to stay on good terms with at least one family member who can take the picture for you..but then anyone passing by will possibly do).

Just never forget that forgiveness is the road to heaven and vise/versa (even if they don't deserve to be forgiven). I love you and will always be loving all of you. Granny/Sitto/Mom

nikkimohamed said...

Well, forgiveness is Divine and I am not. So I ask that God will do that for me. And it's all in the past now, soooooo.

Thanks for all the compliments on
my beautiful babies. I think they're keepers. ;)