Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Wives Should Remember about In-Laws...

I don't think that I'm going to go into this into too much detail as to the why's and how's of
my simple little policy regarding In-Law's. Really, all that can ever come from it is pain and
embarrassment and hurt feelings. So, instead of all that, I'll just put this out there!

I chose the man. I fell in love with my husband; not his family, friends, relatives or his
millions of dollars in numbered accounts in Switzerland (real or imagined). I promised to
love and honor and cherish HIM not his sister or brothers or their spouses or his cousins
or any of the others that are related to him via marriage or blood. I explained this to him that
when one marries, it's sort of like buying something off of one of those TV info-mercials.
"Buy now and get this super duper plastic piece of crap for free!" You really WANT the blender
but you're gonna get this plastic bowl scraper shaped like a chicken whether you want it
or not. So you buy the blender and trash the excess or leave it in the box or use it AS a doorstop
or whatever.

I chose the guy. Any of the rest of the folk that seemed to come along with him are just the
" free tag along" gifts that came along extra. I can be polite and friendly but all in all....I didn't
marry THEM. Just him. HE completes me. The rest I can take or leave.


Monika said...

....So, when you explained that to him, which of YOUR family did he think was the chicken-shaped bowl. was me, wasn't it? HAHAHAHAHHAHA.....I know you are having a hard time with his famdamily right now, but that comment was pretty funny! Shauna went to the BlogHer'08 conference and there are lots of blogging mommys making boucoup bucks by regularly writing funny stuff on their blog....I see millions in your future.

nikkimohamed said...

Yeah, not so much anymore! I decided that it's just not that big a damn deal and blew it off.
There are some people in this world who abolutely MUST have someone on their "poop list" and some sort of drama in their lives in order to feel fulfilled or breathe properly, or whatever. Two of my sisters-in-law are this way.
I told my other sis-in-law that it's just my turn on the list. She cracked up and said that I should enjoy my probably short amount of time there because she's been on the "list" for the last 19 years! hahahahah. In the words of whatever flavor of the week pop singer: "I'm soooo over it."