Friday, August 1, 2008

My Camera-Related Tirade

Oh, MAN! I'm having a wicked camera-related headache and I'm not exactly sure how
to cure it -- short of smashing it against a wall. This, of course, would be another bad
example of how to handle frustration in front of my kids. So I'm saving that as the
absolutely final option. It would also end in my husband ceasing to speak to me since it cost him a little over 125 Euros to buy it for me.

At any rate, I cannot figure out how to download the freaking pictures from the camera to the computer. I'm not so stupid as to not know how to connect the USB cable, etc. This works fine. But then what? I've already downloaded the software AND
there is no option that you click on that says "download photos from camera." Also,
before anyone helpful tries to suggest I read the owner's manual, I cannot. Due to the
fact that my husband purchased this camera in Greece and even though only TWO
(yup, count them TWO) countries in the entire world (Greece and Cyprus) speak
Greek and even though it is a Canon camera and even though Greece is part of the
European Union, where most business is done in either English or French, the
blankety-blank owner's manual is STRICTLY in Greek. Of course being the fine
company that it is, Canon did include a CD version of the manuals in English in the
box. The only problem is that my retarded computer continually gives me the "not responding" error message everytime I open it to the "how to download your photos"
page. *sigh*

Apparently, it is not destined that anyone should see anymore photos of my beautiful
children. (At least not this week.)
So, when I'm finished tantrumming and finally figure this stupid thing out....
maybe things will turn around and you'll get to see all the photos.
God willing....


Moni Moni Queen of Bologna said...

Go to this link:
and pick out your camera model. Once you do that you can click on "support and specifications" and type in your issue or look through their FAQs. Hopefully that will help get you there. Sorry this project turned out to be such a pain in the asshat.

nikkimohamed said...

Thank you, Loyal Reader.
I will check out your suggested URL and try to avoid the use of
words such as "suck", "retarded",
"WTF" and "Minolta" in my query
to them.

The project is not a pain in the
ass. However, my digital-camera illiteracy is defining my "asshatism" to a T.