Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome to This Crazy Thing Called the Family, Thomas!

This is my new nephew, Thomas Edward Lane! He was born today at 7:52am (CDT)
and was 8lbs5ozs and 20.25 inches long. What a beaut! He is sooooo lovely and loved. The kids were quite excited to know they have a new cousin. Welcome to the crazies, Kid. Congratulations Denise, David, Jason, Juliana and Meka! Your new baby has arrived!


Monika said...

I got to hold him today. He is even more beautiful in person....he has the blackest hair and the softest skin and he makes the sweetest little frowny expression when he's trying to go to sleep. I could have held him all day. I tried, but I could hear my children hurdling chairs and racing wheelchairs in the hallway with their Granny, so I had to give up. Denise looks great too....I'm intrigued by the whole "walking epidural" thing... And wondering if she will get to wear it home?

Monika said...

Technically it was yesterday but my computer really *IS* that slow. URGHGHGHGHGHGHGHG.