Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Isn't this photo a scream? Definitely a good image to
show the little trick-or-treaters the ill effects of alcohol. HAHAHHAA! And since I LOVE Halloween
as well as a good laugh, I thought I'd share.
Mohamed left for Greece last night so we're adjusting schedules and bedtimes and menus. Today the kids got Ramen Noodles for lunch and a potato and onion omelette for dinner! Right on. Not much meal planning going on around here. WOOOOHOOOOOO!
I do miss him terribly and so do the kids. But he'll be back home before we know it.
OH! An important announcement before I forget:
There are 15 more shopping days left until my birthday! I like BIG diamonds, BIG cars, and COLD HARD CASH!!! Send your presents early and avoid the rush at the post office. Really, I'd be happy with an e-mail and wishes for an early bedtime. (Dear LORD! I truly AM old.)
I'll be adding some more "re-runs" to this blog soon as I find the time. I still have to make dinner, hang clothes on the line and dye my hair dark brown to cover this gray.
(This way, Monika can't say I have "fake-looking" red hair anymore.)
Now, off you go to buy me lavicious and expensive gifts!

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Monika said...

Don't do it!! You are fabulous as a red-head, no matter what your punk little sister says. Oh wait, that's me. hahahahahaha. I like your red hair, fake or not.