Friday, March 6, 2009

X vs. the evil Morph-Snake

So, this is Hamo's latest comic effort on the Paint program. And since my
stupid extra 40MB of memory AND the damn CD-drive are not being
recognized by my retarded computer, I decided to upload it here for safe
keeping and delete it out of my hard drive before it crashes due to too
many files. Hamo said that this guy, X, is about to fight the evil Morph-
Snake, who can transform into any monster he desires, and lives in a
cave on the edge of a volcano. (That's a volcano on the bottom right and
NOT a pizza, Hamo said.) X is the only warrior that can beat the Morph-
Snake and his ninja minions.
Don't forget to send us your comments on his artwork/story idea.

1 comment:

Monika said...

OMG...Liam would have some serious hero worship for Hamo if they ever got to hang out. Evil morphing snakes and monsters....Liam's cup of tea, most def. Now if Hamo could build this scene out of legos he'd have his own slave for life.